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Superior Chandelier,

In 1974, the center started its commercial activities the company, including in Samsun, in the lighting industry in Turkey, especially in manufacturing and has entered into a major restructuring with specific studies on the deficiency on installation, the required machine park and well-trained staff and in the years that followed, grew rapidly in the industry responded to the expectations in this field.

In 1992, our company started to serve abroad with the support of the necessary certification support for lighting. It has gained acclaim in many countries with ÜSTÜN AVİZE® brand in a short time.

As ÜSTÜN AVİZE®, our primary principle in manufacturing sales and after sales services is unconditional customer satisfaction. With the marketing network all over our country, we will produce fast and appropriate solutions to the requirements and will not compromise on the quality of service from now on.

Currently we are continuing to produce wide-area applications (Mosque, Hotel, Conference hall, etc.) and residential lighting with the products we offer to the markets with the superior AVİZE® designs, we respond to your custom orders as well as our existing products. Seeing the satisfaction of our customers is the greatest success and happiness for us.

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